Salted Background Ornament

Sorry about that wee break in blogging transmission – the usual end of year craziness of school events, dance concerts etc combined with a couple of birthdays means time got away on me for a bit! Still have a massive assignment for my diploma to get completed but other than that I think I am relatively organised now!

I taught the awesome Salt Background Technique in my last class of the year which was very popular – here is the card we created:

How cool is that background effect!  I just love it, and it looks different every time to you do it.


If you are looking at this card and wishing that you could learn this great technique, don’t worry you can!  I will be teaching this technique along with a brand new one on Saturday 4 February so book your place in now!

Right that’s it for today, I will be back soon with another project to share in the lead-up to Christmas (and the next project may just be a sneak peek of the upcoming Occasions Catalogue!)


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